The only resolution you need this year

New year, new start, fresh intentions. Whether it’s a weight loss or fitness goal, lifestyle change or breaking a bad habit, the time is ripe for a shake-up. Many of use choose big juicy goals and set about on January 1st to integrate them into our lives.

In most cases those good intentions are doomed to fail.

There are many reasons. Unrealistic expectations, lack of will power. Short supply of motivation. But then what really motivates us? A big event, competition, holiday or poor health?  Pressure from friends or family? A momentary leap onto the bandwagon when the underlying readiness for change is lacking.

It seems to me that any improvement in our lives rests on one very important factor.

We believe we deserve it.

We like ourselves enough to make the changes. We feel good enough and will not tolerate less than we deserve. Which brings me around to the single most important resolution for life…. full stop.

‘I will not tolerate less than I deserve’

Isn’t every New Year resolution about how we treat ourselves? Every goal and intention pushing us up the scale of deserving and self-care. Every poor choice we make, relationship we tolerate, self-sabotaging pattern and bad habit will be grounded in the belief that we do not deserve better.

I have found that clients who look after themselves better and expect more from life and those around them have a greater sense of self-worth.

Start the year believing these 5 fundamental things:

  1. I deserve a healthy body.
  2. I deserve peace of mind  
  3. I deserve loving and respectful relationships.
  4. I deserve to be happy
  5. I am good enough

And then orientate all actions, thoughts and choices around those beliefs.

Pay attention to those places where change needs to occur whether that be eating, drinking, hanging out with negative or abusive people and be honest with yourself. Underneath it all do you believe you deserve better?

Look back through past conditioning or life experiences and decipher where you inherited the belief that you are not good enough. And then do whatever it takes to turn that belief around. Affirm to yourself that you deserve more.  Heal your heart, seek counsel, and be brave. Surrendering habits, people, work, food that are comfortable and familiar can be frightening but the more you do it the better you feel about yourself.

Step into this year with a new awareness. A mindset that measures everything and do not tolerate anything you do not deserve.