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Ministry of Manifesting is a unique collaboration between spiritual teacher and life coach Tania Grenardo with health coach and therapist Angelina Nizzardi. 

Together they have built a formula for success that works with both personal and spiritual development. 

  •  Releasing negative habits and patterns.
  •  Taming the monkey mind.
  •  Developing compassion for self and others.
  •  Managing fear and anxiety.
  •  Becoming a high vibe individual and attracting abundance in all forms.
  •  Engaging the law of attraction.
  •  Breaking down barriers that keep you stuck.

The ministry runs monthly online groups, retreats and workshops that cover both mental, physical and soul health. 

Featured in National press and media, on stages across the Country with teachings that have spread to all four corners of the cosmos. 

Clients that span musicians,millionaires, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, hard working mums and Dads and all in-between.   

Join our monthly groups and experience the shift.  

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  • September Ministry of Manifesting Group
    September Ministry of Manifesting Group
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  • October Private Manifesting Group
    October Private Manifesting Group
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