Generalised Anxiety & Panic Disorder

Anxiety and panic can hit you like a bolt from the blue. Disorientating and frightening, they can isolate you at a time when you need the most support. It can be very difficult to know where to turn, to understand where it has come from and what to do for the best. Similarly, you may have lived with a constant state of anxiety for some time. Struggling to maintain equilibrium throughout your day and rest adequately at night. In both cases we work towards alleviating, managing and eradicating the symptoms of generalized anxiety and episodes of panic.

Having experienced both anxiety and panic in my life I have a unique perspective both as a sufferer and therapist. My own experience early on in life led me to a place of learning and practice in helping others. I understand that one solution does not support every person and practice various tools and techniques in the fields of psychology, coaching practice and mind body technique. We work together to uncover the root cause of your anxiety and implement powerful tools that can quickly dissolve any episodes of panic you are experiencing.

Some initial aims:
• To understand what is happening to you.
• To understand why it’s happening to you.
• Learn powerful techniques to manage anxiety and panic.
• Integrate mind body techniques for sustained wellbeing.
• Introduce tools to manage anxiety levels.
• Explore your thoughts and how they affect your psychological and physical response.
• To build a foundation of peace and calm.

What happens during the session?
We can carry out individual sessions at our premises or at your premises. I understand that sometimes it is not comfortable to travel away from home and I am happy to accommodate the session in the place that you feel most comfortable.

The standard session time is 1 hour but I can accommodate longer sessions in the early stages of our work as necessary.
Everything is within your control. My therapeutic approach is client centred, which means that you dictate the pace, areas of focus and goal setting.
During our time together we will explore a tailored solution to your anxiety or panic. This can entail a variety of methodologies and approaches according to what works for you.                                                                                                                                                                                           During the session we may draw upon coaching practice, cognitive therapy, psychological frameworks, meditation and mindfulness, energy work, nutritional therapy and breath work. We have a rich pool of expertise and technique to draw upon.
I will take notes during the session for our records that are stored according to good practice.
Our sessions are completely confidential.

Contact us: 01767 627595 (during 9am – 5pm)